Jessica F

Author: Dawson Skow Life Coaching |

We completed pre-marital coaching with Dawson when my husband and I were engaged. He made us feel comfortable and safe, and we both felt respected and "heard" throughout the journey. He had a great sense of humor but also knew how and when to address the more serious and uncomfortable topics. He walked us through all the common issues married couples face and gave us incredibly valuable tools to help us navigate along the way. He helped us understand each other on a deeper level, gain a new perspective, and appreciate one another's MANY differences. We learned all the unromantic things as well, like how to go about uniting our lives financially and logistically. We learned how to better handle conflict, communicate in a healthier way, manage expectations, and above all, how to love each other better. Those sessions were tough but surprisingly enjoyable. We grew so much as a couple but also individually. He helped us lay a strong foundation, and what we gained from those sessions will last us a lifetime.